quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012

Uma dobra que faz toda a diferênça!

Paciência de Jó! - já dizia o outro!
O meu queixo caiu e quase bateu na mesa quando eu vi este trabalho!
Dobrando e desdobrando um pedaço de papel, o artista Simon Schubert cria as suas obras.

"The folds are lightless pictures; there is no light portrayed. 
It is neither night nor day, and no natural or artificial light dominates the interiors or landscapes; it is a state of irreal, time-suspended neutrality. Everything is placed in an even nonlight, immersed in the same lightness or the same darkness. 
The folds are completely dependent on the light in the viewing room, appropriating - like a mirror - it's fall, temperature and intensity. It is this real lighting that first generates the real nuanced shadows, and it is these light reflections on the folds in the paper that make it into a minimaly low-relief; they form themselves into a picture, a photo. 
First via this borrowed light the changes through the day's progession or in the come-and-go shine of artificial lighting, due the landscapes, architecture and faces become visible and invisible."

Jens Peter Koerver about Simon Schubert's folds in 
"Other Persons, Other Places" 

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